Chilean Wedding Traditions

One of the most traditional Chilean marriage ceremony traditions is a exchanging of marriage ceremony rings. This kind of ceremony is held in regards to month following the civil wedding. The feast day normally takes place in a church where the families of the bride and groom what is the best free dating website collect. The officiating minister reads Bible verses and blesses the rings. The bride’s father and mother may also make a speech, giving advice towards the couple.

Marriage in Chile is a simple and passionate affair, consisting of two ceremonies: a civil feast day and a symbolic wedding ceremony. The wedding couple usually be dressed in traditional marriage clothes. After the wedding service, close friends and family members join attend a wedding dinner. The bride wears white-colored apparel, as well as the groom would wear a dark tuxedo.

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Chilean customs values marital relationship as an essential rite of passage. Single individuals are often looked upon with pity. Men are expected to marry by the age of twenty-two, and women among 18 and 23. Though city ceremonies happen to be enough to determine an official marital relationship, most Chileans choose to possess a traditional cathedral ceremony. Contrary to various countries, divorce in Chile is legal.

Chilean marriage traditions also require the bride and groom to decorate rings right up until their relationship. After the wedding, the bride and groom turn rings. The bride and groom exchange wedding party rings prove left hands. In Perú, they go for gold rings. Similarly, bride and groom often break away from the wedding reception, as lacking the reception is considered good luck.

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