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Maryland & DC:


Phone, Internet and TV
    COX 877-460-3764
    Comcast 703-COMCAST
    Verizon (Residential Phone Service) #301-954-6260
    Vonage 800-980-1455
Tax Assessment and Tax Appeal

District of Columbia:

Alexandria, VA:

Arlington, VA:

Fairfax, VA

What Clients Say


Joy, You are the Very Best! I can’t thank you enough for your support and friendship! Jol


Dear Everyone at Settlement Ink, I can’t express enough how appreciative and grateful I am for all of you, all the dedication and hard work you have put forth and how amazing and extremely pleasant you have been to work with! I will most definitely be recommending your immensely dedicated and capable office to everyone and anyone I know in the home buying process. You all showed amazing grace under the stress of the situation and  I look forward to working with you all in the future! (Under less stressful circumstances le’ts hope!) Again, it has been a great pleasure to meet and work with you all of you! Please enjoy these treats as a small token of my immense appreciation. Thank you, Lauren


Joy- Between the book club, book signing and unique approach to CE classes. You are definitely on the right path. Thanks for everything. Thom