Selling Your Home

Congratulations you have sold your home! Typically the Buyer of your home has specified us in the contract of sale. Often when we have handled the prior settlement for you we may have been recommend to your Buyer. In any event, however you have come to us we are delighted to be working with you as the Settlement Agent. To get started, we will need you to complete our Seller Information Sheet (PDF). Without the details from this very important document, we can barely get started on getting you ready for closing. Be sure to complete it fully and sign where indicated so there is no delay in our obtaining key information. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding why we need to know certain confidential information. For a refresher on the process see the timeline prepared for Sellers.

If you would like to know a little bit more about us be sure to seek out our public reviews, including YELP, Facebook and Google+ as well as testimonials we have received from our clients to get a full picture of the level of service and attention to detail that Settlement Ink will provide. We hope that our next positive review comes from you!


We’ve made it simple! Your settlement fee as the seller is $450 has been bundled to include the following items necessary for your closing:

  • Settlement appointment with all parties
  • Notary Fees
  • Document Preparation
  • electronic signing of eligible documents, in advance
  • Overnight or Courier services
  • Check from escrow for closing proceeds
  • Scan and secure email of signed closing documents

Additionally, depending on your exact situation there may be some additional fees incurred. The following situations will incur a separate fee, as applicable:

  • release of mortgage lien
  • unreleased mortgages from a prior refinance
  • unreleased mortgages from a prior owner
  • obtaining a letter of indemnity
  • if a title is in trust, an estate or corporate entity
  • separate settlement appointment
  • resolution of judgments or other liens on title
  • non-Maryland resident withholding filing
  • FIRPTA filing
  • wire of proceeds

What Clients Say


Joy I am all settled into my new home. Thanks to you and Dave I am a homeowner. Yea! Thanks to you & your team for all your hard work. It was so nice to meet you. Best Wishes Always. Sheila arrow_icon


To Settlement Ink, This is an amazing team that worked to make a dream possible. Thank you for always going above and beyond! Love, Trian


Joy, Thank you so much for making the settlement of Conestoga Way so easy! It is always such a pleasure to do business with you. You are thorough, professional and you make every case I’ve ever brought you so much a pleasure to close.  I only wish the whole process went as smoothly! Thank you again Joy- You are a “Pro”. All of settlement pros is wonderful as well. Many thanks Paula

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