Buying a House

You’ve purchased a home or you may still be shopping for the perfect place. Remember that the selection of the settlement agent belongs to the Buyer, by law, so you might want to get yourself familiarized with us before you write your first offer. When you are ready to proceed we will work closely with you through the process from the time of your ratified contract through settlement and beyond. See the Buyers Timeline prepared for Buyers so you can get a better idea of what to expect. We sure hope you will select Settlement Ink. Be sure to seek out our public reviews, including YELP, Facebook and Google+ as well as testimonials we have received from our clients to get a full picture of the level of service and attention to detail that Settlement Ink will provide.


We’ve made it simple! Your settlement fee of $800 has been bundled to include the following items necessary for your closing:

  • Settlement appointment
  • Title Search
  • Title examination
  • Title insurance commitment
  • Notary Fees
  • Document Preparation
  • Electronic signing of eligible documents, in advance
  • Overnight or Courier services
  • Wire transfers on incoming funds
  • Scan and secure email of signed closing documents

Additionally, there are two other charges which depend on choices you will make.

First, title insurance for both you as the owner and for the lender, as required. Rates for Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia are different but follow premiums filed by the title insurance company in each jurisdiction. See our “Settlement Fee” calculator which will include both our “bundled fee” and your title insurance premium. We automatically quote the policy which provides the broader coverage but you may opt to take the basic coverage.

Second, as a Buyer you may wish to get a survey which is a physical detail of how the house and other structures are situated on the property. Your lender may or may not require one typically however a Buyer generally wants at a minimum the basic type called a “house location drawing.” This type of drawing uses the subdivision plat for the neighborhood and taking the lot shape, as recorded in the land records it plots improvements based on “apparent lines of occupation.” This is not very precise and is not suitable for construction but works for most purposes and meets the requirements of the lender. The cost for this is approximately $235 and will be ordered automatically with your settlement order. We pass along the exact fee we are charged.

The second type of survey is called a “boundary survey” or a “stake survey.” This is when the surveyors go to the property with field surveying equipment and  locate with precision the corners of the property by identifying the metal rods buried in the ground. They then take exact field measurements and determine the location of all improvements. All corners of the property will be marked with stakes or flags.   The is suitable for future construction needs and the precise location of fences. A boundary survey cost varies based on lot size and shape but generally speaking costs from 750-2000. Large parcels of land can be significantly more. This type of survey will only be ordered upon special request. We pass along the exact fee we are charged. Call us to discuss the details.

What Clients Say


Joy, Thank you so much for making the settlement of Conestoga Way so easy! It is always such a pleasure to do business with you. You are thorough, professional and you make every case I’ve ever brought you so much a pleasure to close.  I only wish the whole process went as smoothly! Thank you again Joy- You are a “Pro”. All of settlement pros is wonderful as well. Many thanks Paula


Joy, Thank you for handling the settlement on Floral Street. Doug & Valerie were extremely impressed with the professionals of your staff. See you at settlement soon! All the best, Monique


Joy, You are the Very Best! I can’t thank you enough for your support and friendship! Jol

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