About Settlement Ink

A Title & Escrow Company serving the Washington, DC area

Settlement Ink is an independently owned title company exclusive of affiliation to any brokerage or lender. Our clients, many of whom have settled with us numerous times, choose us because our experience runs deep, our fees are competitive, and we get the job done right.  We leverage our experience of over twenty thousand settlements to manage your settlement transaction with unparalleled attention to detail and care.  Whether you are purchasing or refinancing in Maryland, the District of Columbia, or Virginia we will draw from our experience to anticipate the unexpected, suggest alternatives, and come up with solutions for you if, and when, a challenge arises.

Each settlement consists of hundreds of small details obtained from various sources like your lender, the land records, and real estate professionals. Our goal is to prepare our clients for a settlement that is smooth and straightforward. We want to make sure our clients understand each document they sign and are comfortable doing so.

Following settlement, we provide our clients with a secure email consisting of a scan of their settlement documents. Not only do our clients have their documents easily at hand for future needs, but it keeps life paperless.  For us, every settlement is the beginning of a new friendship.  Allow us to exceed your expectations and show you that we love what we do and we are good at it too.

What Clients Say


Joy, Just wanted to thank you again for helping out with my settlement – it was incredibly nice of you to take the time late on a Friday of a holiday weekend! (no less) I hope you are enjoying the summer – see you soon, Randy.


Joy- Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate your efforts on the past 3 deals…especially our favorite one. Your continued support and hard work on my behalf is unparalleled and I really feel incredibly lucky to have you as a colleague, mentor and friend. You make all my transactions (even the difficult ones) a “joy” and I always look forward to the next one! Thanks again! Sincerely, Danai

Coleen and Jonathan

Joy, Your team was so fantastic to work with- From being on top of the issues from day one through your patience until the last paper was signed. You made our settlement so un-stressful and even fun that we will look forward to the next one, not dread it! What a great atmosphere you created for such an important day in our life. Many Thanks- we will surely be recommending you to others. -Coleen and Jonathan

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