Real Estate Agent Closing Checklist


  • Contract with all addenda sent to Settlement Ink with Settlement Information Sheet (PDF)
  • EMD deposited with escrow agent
  • Schedule Settlement- date/time
  • Condo/HOA Documents –Delivered to Buyer for review
  • Home Inspection; if any adjustments send addendum to Settlement Ink and Lender selected and all parties notified
  • Radon Inspection
  • Lead/Mold Inspection
  • Lender Selected- all parties notified
  • Appraisal –appointment for access, confirm contract value
  • Well/Septic Inspection/Certifications – delivered to lender/Settlement Ink
  • Hazard Insurance –buyer has finalized and sent to lender/Settlement Ink
  • Termite Report –Completed and sent to lender/Settlement Ink
  • Home Warranty- Company Selected; invoice to Settlement Ink
  • Post Settlement Occupancy –Agreement completed and brought to settlement
  • Commitment – received from lender and distributed to parties
  • Overage Check –Ordered and brought to Settlement Ink
  • Settlement Statement – review draft prior to closing; call with any adjustments
  • Final Walk Thru Scheduled
  • Settlement at Settlement Ink
  • Turn in final settlement statement and broker check
  • Post Occupancy Walk Thru; if applicable
  • Final Walk Thru Addendum – to Settlement Ink to release security deposit

What Clients Say


Joy I am all settled into my new home. Thanks to you and Dave I am a homeowner. Yea! Thanks to you & your team for all your hard work. It was so nice to meet you. Best Wishes Always. Sheila arrow_icon


To Settlement Ink, This is an amazing team that worked to make a dream possible. Thank you for always going above and beyond! Love, Trian


Joy, Thank you so much for making the settlement of Conestoga Way so easy! It is always such a pleasure to do business with you. You are thorough, professional and you make every case I’ve ever brought you so much a pleasure to close.  I only wish the whole process went as smoothly! Thank you again Joy- You are a “Pro”. All of settlement pros is wonderful as well. Many thanks Paula

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