We’ve made it simple!  Your refinance settlement fee of $1100 has been bundled to include the following real estate closing checklist items that are necessary for your closing:

  • Settlement appointment
  • Title Search
  • Title examination
  • Title insurance commitment
  • Closing Protection Letter
  • Release processing of one mortgage lien
  • Notary Fees
  • Document Preparation
  • Electronic signing of eligible documents, in advance
  • Overnight or Courier services
  • Wire transfers on incoming funds
  • Scan and secure email of signed closing documents

Additionally, fees will apply for a title that has issues that need to be resolved.

What Clients Say


Dear Joy & “A Team” staff- Thank you for another efficient professional & most enjoyable closing. My client was so relaxed and thankful as well- her first purchase on her own. You make me look good! Happy summer, yours, Kathy


Joy,  I just want to say thank you again for taking the time with me yesterday and making this such an easy experience from start to finish. I knew from our first phone call when I was out in SD that you were the right person for me based on your personality and knowledge. Honestly, I feel like I just chatted with you all a little bit on the phone, sent you what you needed from me, showed up yesterday, signed a few docs….and bought a house. You made it that easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better team or experience, you guys ROCK! The boutique atmosphere and approach to doing business is awesome and I’ve been sharing with some colleagues at work. Hopefully I’ll be able to send one or two your way. Look for a 5 star Yelp review in a few days with my smiling face in it! You guys sincerely are amazing. Best of luck with the home renovation and have a great summer! Best, Richard


Dear Joy, Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule. I truly appreciate the time you and your staff spent on my settlement. I remain impressed with your speedy preparation and taking me on such short notice. I always speak highly of your firm. It was nice seeing you. Best Regards, Xen

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