Heather Schnell

Heather moved to the DC area after graduating from an Appalachian college in Athens, Ohio, where she grew to love the great outdoors and helping others thrive while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She was a part of a co-ed service fraternity that revolved around community support and service, which led her to realize she would always want to continue being supportive to those in need in her community. Before joining the Settlement Ink team, Heather spent several years honing her interpersonal and multi-tasking skills at a law firm that represents injured people around the DMV. Serving her clients and making sure they get the representation and support they expect and deserve continues to be a top priority for her. With retail and customer service in her background as well, Heather adds a friendly and attentive presence to the office.

Fun Fact: She’s a big fan of The Beatles and dreams of having a “Beatle Cave” in her home.

She can be reached at Heather@settlementink.com


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